Disaster Response

Coastal Virginia ER District Disaster Coordinator
Bertrand Griffin II

(678) 463-9334

VA Conference Disaster Response Coordinator
Bob Pihlcrantz

(757) 408-6653

VA Conference ERT Coordinator
VA Conference Asst. ERT Coordinator and VA Conference ERT Trainer
VA Conference Emotional & Spiritual Coordinator
VA Conference Equipment Coordinator
Frank Jennings
City Emergency Management Centers:




Knotts Island



Pastors should respond in this manner:

1) If mandatory evacuation is ordered, lead by example and go. When you arrive at your evacuation location, call the District Disaster Response Coordinator, Bertrand Griffin II at (678) 463-9334, and give him your location.

2) If evacuation is not mandatory, within 24 hours of damage to church and/or parsonage, report to the District Disaster Response Coordinator, (678) 463-9334. If he cannot be reached, call the District Office (757) 331-6729. If these phones are down, call (405) 466-9786.

3) Check on members of your congregation to see if they are okay and report to the district office any injury or loss of life in the congregation as a result of the storm. This is not just for statistical purposes, but will help us prioritize how we can best use the recovery assets available.

disaster response

4) Once it is safe, it is important for us, as a district and conference, to have an indication of the damage in the various areas of the district. Since you live in these communities, it will be helpful if you also provide us with information on what you know about the damage in your area. District Disaster Response Coordinator, Bertrand Griffin II at (678) 463-9334.

5)Historically, we as United Methodists have a deep commitment to long term recovery after hurricanes and storms. Information you provide helps us assess what we need to do.

6) Major damage from hurricanes and tropical storms provides us, as pastors, with a unique opportunity to offer pastoral care in the congregation and community. People continue to look to the church and pastors for guidance. Other persons in your congregation can provide assistance, such as Stephen Ministers, counselors, and chaplains. If they are willing to make themselves available beyond the local church, please provide contact information to the district office. There is training available for your congregation if you contact the District Disaster Response Coordinator, Bertrand Griffin II at (678) 463-9334.


7) Should we have a major disaster, we will call on you to help provide congregational resources for recovery efforts, e.g., staffing relief tables at FEMA Centers, providing transportation, providing food, etc.

8) Also, if you know in which Evacuation Zone your church & your parsonage/home are located, please send that information​ to the district office at (757) 331-6729.